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Exhibitor Function Space

SC holds most function and meeting space in the major hotels located near the convention center. The space is made available to contracted exhibitors through a process that begins in February of the conference year. For companies that also submit a sleeping room block request, we attempt to locate as many of those rooms as possible within the same hotel.

dates & deadlines

Requests Open
February 12, 2024

Requests Close
March 4, 2024

Exhibitors Receive Allocations
March 18–May 17, 2024

atlanta hotel

If you’re an exhibitor with signed contract review the information below.

Assignment Process


SC will assign function space for exhibitors in participating properties based on your request. This includes a best-effort to meet your priorities for hotel proximity, function space layout/use, and most importantly, occupancy. Note that we will assign occupancy based on the fire marshal-approved (pre-COVID) numbers for specific layouts. As you make your requests, please consider how continued COVID protocols may influence or reduce the allowable occupancy in a space.


Generally, SC contracts with hotels include a no-charge for space rental clause; however exhibitors are expected to purchase catering and/or AV through the hotel. Assignments will be made by an authorized contractor in an iterative process according to each company’s accumulated “SC exhibitor priority points” and past history of usage. Once all requests have been processed, SC will release the assignments and unused space back to the hotels who will then work directly with exhibitors on details and a contract.


There may be a penalty for reserving function space and then not using it. Deadlines and details will be provided to all exhibitors holding signed agreements with SC24.

Cancellation fees for function space will be billed by Hall-Erickson as part of your SC24 account. Cancellation fees are applicable to exhibitors once function space is accepted.

The cancellation of any function space reservation will result in a cancellation fee of $100 per function room per day.

Request Space

If you are interested in securing function space please submit your request no later than March 4, 2024. The submission system does require that you establish a login account in advance.

February 12, 2024

Exhibitor Function Space Requests Open

March 4, 2024

Exhibitor Function Space Requests Close

March 18–May 17, 2024

Exhibitors Receive Allocations

SC attendee


Contact the Housing Committee with any questions about hotel reservations. We’d be happy to help.


Exhibitor Housing

For exhibitors who need 10+ rooms. Exhibitors who need less than 10 rooms can use the regular housing reservation process.

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