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During the week of SC, SCinet becomes the most powerful and advanced network on Earth, connecting the SC community to the world. Every year, industry, academia, and government experts volunteer to design, build, and administer the cutting-edge SCinet infrastructure.

Immensely powerful, insanely fast

SCinet not only provides internet connectivity for conference attendees, it pushes the boundaries of networking technologies and innovations through workshops, demos, and collaborative opportunities.


SCinet Chair
Angie Asmus, Colorado State University

SCinet Vice Chair
Lance Hutchinson, Sandia National Laboratories

Hundreds of volunteers and contributors make SCinet possible. Learn all about SCinet below.

About SCinet

Global collaboration

Designed and created each year for the conference, SCinet is a global collaboration of high-performance networking experts who provide a platform that connects attendees and exhibitors to the world. It’s no small task.

SCinet Technology
Learn about the cutting-edge technology built into SCinet.

SCinet Teams
Meet the teams operating behind the scenes.

SCinet History
A chronological look at milestones dating from 1988.

SCinet Contributors & Volunteers
In recognition of the numerous companies and volunteer organizations who contributed to SCinet’s success.

(Available Fall 2024)

Collaborative Opportunities

One Network, Many Uses

Use the SCinet network to perform research, experiments, and demos. And discover resources available to exhibitors, including the use policy and how to make a network request.

INDIS Workshop
Engineers and researchers innovating networks for data-intensive science.

Network Research Exhibition
Demos and experiments that display emerging network innovation.

(Available Winter 2024)

SCinet for Exhibitors
Make a network request for your exhibit booth and learn about the network use policy.

Get Involved

Help us build scinet

SCinet happens thanks to individual volunteers giving their time, as well as HPC-related companies or institutions contributing materials and services.

Participate in SCinet
SCinet can’t be run without volunteers and contributors. Learn how your efforts or generosity can make a difference.

Women in IT Networking at SC
Seeking qualified female U.S. candidates to join the SCinet volunteer workforce. Learn how to apply for WINS.


Contact the SCinet committee if you have any questions about the high-capacity network or how to participate. or contribute. We’d be happy to help.

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